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image of the doctor Dr. Clementine Ignacio

Dr. Clementine Ignacio


Dr. Clementine Ignacio, DMD

Dr. Ignacio on behalf of her staff welcomes you and expresses her gratitude for being considered for future treatments. She is a licensed dentist both in the State of California and the Philippines with over 30 years of experience in serving the dental needs of children and adults. Prior to opening her own practice in 2003, she worked as an associate dentist for various practices, most notably as the Managing Doctor for Western Dental. 

To provide the best possible care, Dr. Ignacio pursued additional studies at the University of Southern California and Loma Linda University. As a parent herself, she understands the importance of providing the utmost care and treatment there is to offer. She is committed to ensuring that patients and their family can have the brightest and most confident smile they can have.

Dr. Ignacio is eager to help patients maintain a healthy and radiant smile, day and night.

image of the doctor Dr. Zachary Hollander

Dr. Zachary Hollander


Dr. Zachary Hollander, DDS, MS

Dr. Hollander is a Board-certified Orthodontist who has dedicated his career to creating beautiful smiles. Prior to his career in Orthodontics, he studied engineering at Duke University. However, he was drawn to the dental profession for its craft and level of technology. He received his DDS from Colombia University and completed his Orthodontics Residency at UCLA.

Dr. Hollander is passionate about his work and finds daily satisfaction in creating beautiful smiles and interacting face-to-face with his patients. He aims to provide the highest level of care and communication to his patients and leave a positive impact on their quality of life. Dr. Hollander has experience with both traditional bracket systems and clear aligner treatments.

image of the doctor Debbie Garcia

Debbie Garcia

Office Manager

Debbie Garcia, Office Manager

Debbie Garcia is the office manager for Dr. Ignacio’s dental team where she has been working since 2009. She started as a dental assistant for the first five years and now manages administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and handling billing and insurance matters.

Debbie works closely with the dental team to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care and have a pleasant experience from the moment they walk in the door. Her goal is to make each patient’s visit to Dr. Ignacio’s office one of the best dental experiences possible, whether on the phone or in the office. Debbie is dedicated to answering any questions patients may have regarding insurance and is happy to discuss alternative payment options if needed. In-house financing is available to help patients with their share of the cost of the procedures. 

"I love working with Dr. Ignacio because I see the love she has for our patients and her staff. She is caring and understanding of everyone’s needs. I am excited to meet you and can’t wait for your call."

image of the doctor Patty Gonzales

Patty Gonzales

Assistant Office Manager

Patty Gonzales, Assistant Office Manager

Patty Gonzales is also part of Dr. Ignacio’s dental team, where she has been working since 2018. Patty has a solid understanding of the administrative tasks involved in running and supporting the dental office. She supports the office manager with tasks such as managing schedules, overseeing patient records, and ensuring that the office runs smoothly on a daily basis. She is also responsible for ordering supplies and keeping up with industry regulations and standards.

Patty is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and making sure that the office operates efficiently so that patients have a positive experience every time they visit.

She is excited to meet new patients and help them with their dental needs.


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